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If you are an executive responsible for a small or medium sized company or for a function in a large Company or Government Department, and are looking for ways to take your operation to higher levels of achievements, are implementing the Balanced Scorecard, or are on a journey to achieve the U.S Bladrige Award for Business Excellence, the European Quality Award or the Canada Award of Excellence, BMA Lite® is your Leadership System of choice.

Through a set of workshops with the senior leadership team, BMA Lite® is explained and implemented to fulfil this need.

Phases of BMA Lite® implementation:

Phase I:
A one-day workshop with the executive leadership team. The outcome is high-level understanding of the principles of business excellence and the Balanced Scorecard, as well as a clear organizational direction defined by a mission, vision, strategic actions and associated measures in the quadrants of the Balanced Scorecard.

Phase II:
Workshops with the management team of each organizational unit or function to develop its own mission, vision, strategic actions and associated strategic measures plus a list of ‘Services’ it delivers. Alignment of the units or functions is then accomplished through a ‘BMA Lite® Stories’
review workshop. Phase II completes the planning necessary to ensure ‘Leadership Effectiveness’.

Phase III:
This phase addresses ‘Work Effectiveness’. A series of workshops to develop ‘Stories’ for each unit or function’s Services are held. This phase completes the planning necessary to ensure ‘Work Effectiveness’. If desired, for large organizations, Pharos offers training of internal facilitators, and proprietary templates to support this phase.

Phase IV:
This is the implementation support phase. There are three critical success factors associated with BMA Lite®. Once the Balanced Scorecards for the Company, the units or Functions and the Services are created, they must be collected, trended and used for:

  1. Company performance review,
  2. Function reporting and performance review, and
  3. Services reporting and performance review, as well as budgeting (based on the analysis of the Service’s quantifiable output and cost).

This phase needs careful nurturing for success. Pharos offers support services, as required, to the Functions and Services Primes during this

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