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Framework for Excellence

There are many approaches commonly used to improve business performance which include:

  • Special Strategic Planning thrusts
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • Customer Satisfaction/Value Initiatives
  • Improved Communication Initiatives
  • Learning & HR Training/Development Initiatives
  • Knowledge Management Initiatives
  • Quality Awareness Initiatives

While each of the above-mentioned initiatives is worthwhile, overall effective improvement cannot be achieved by each of these initiatives carried out individually.

The MBNQA (Baldrige Award) has recognized that for any business to achieve excellence, it has to ‘pay attention’ to seven things simultaneously. These are: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer & Market Focus, Process Management, HR Development & Management, Information & Analysis, and Business Results. One can quickly recognise that the above initiatives address individual Baldrige categories.

Can one find a simple framework that allows ‘paying attention’ to all seven categories simultaneously, and be ‘lightweight’ enough not to burden the business?

BMA Lite® offers such a framework. It provides a clear ‘language’ for business effectiveness that can align both the leadership team and the organization, establish clear functional accountability boundaries and provide an agile framework for continuously improving both leadership and work effectiveness.

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